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Telenovela: Esmeralda (mexican) - Ica ~ the World though my Glasses
Telenovela: Esmeralda (mexican)

Whoa, this seems like I only watched mexican telenovelas. 3 of 3! XD Well, I'll try to write about another countries series next time! Mexico is surely not the only one with these stories! X3

The story:
On a stormy night at the Casta Grane manor the lady of the house, Blanca is giving birth. Her husband, Don Rodolfo, as the proud man he is, is waiting outside her room, hoping the child will be a boy.
Their doctor can't reach the place in time, so they send for the country healer, Dominga to deliver the baby.
The child is a girl - but sadly stillborn.
The healer, knowing what grief this would cause to Don Rodolfo and his wife, tells Crisanta, the family's nanny about an orphaned baby boy, who was born on the same night. And so the Dominga and the nanny decide to switch the babies, while Blanca is still senseless. Crisanta gives dominga Blanca's emerald earrings as a price for her silence.
Dominga returns to her house with the lifeless baby girl in her arms... who begins to cry. Realizing that she made a horrible mistake, Dominga decides to raise the girl as her own. She names the child Esmeralda, after the emerald earrings.

18 years later Don Rodolfo and his family return to the Casa Grande after a stay in Mexico City. The little boy from that night became a fully grown man, Jose Armando.
Esmeralda, who had been born blind, still lives close by, in the countryside with Dominga.
The two young meet, and - much to the displeasure of Don Rodolfo - fall in love.



To tell you the truth I don't remember all from this series, cause I haven't watched all, only one episode here, another there. But what I do know:
Esmeralda and JA meet and get closer and closer, and one day they have sex. After - typical man - JA needs to go to Mexico City, and he leaves Esmeralda behind, who gets bullied by the rest of the family, using her blindness against her. Next to the pain of missing her lover, Esmeralda finds out that she is pregnant and borns a baby. She has Blanka though to help her though the hard times, who handles her like her own daughter (how lovely! blood will tell!)

By some reasons Esmeralda goes then to the city too, and meets a doctor there, who operates her eyes. Her doctor falls in love with her, and offers a nurse job for her.


And then Esmeralda and JA meet again, and from here on begins the part I loved the most in this series, and just called: rooster-fight.
Every time Jose Armando was or wanted to meet Esmeralda, the doctor was there too, and they just stood there facing eachother, straighten up and glare. OH, I LOVED THOSE GLARES!!! If that could kill, they would have been dead 100 of times. XDX3XD
But then there was a fight too. The face of the doctor was much worse, than JA's, how I remember. I guess he lost then. Hm...

Don't remember much after. It comes out that Esmeralda was the real daughter and JA just an orphen. And now don't think that as a grown up man he doesn't begin to show signs of being lost, cause he begins to ask what his reason in life is. XD
Another truth comes out, that JA has a child from Esmeralda. Slowly everything clears up, and at the end there is marriage again.

What this series thought me:
- being blinde makes you kind
- even catholics have sex before marriage
- see my note about strangers by Marimar
- the greatest CM for a telenovela is to spread the rumor that the people - of the country that broadcasted the series - collected enough money for Esmeralda's operation... I was sooo angry hearing this!!!
- not only rooser can have rooster-fights! X3

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mishane From: mishane Date: August 7th, 2009 12:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
OMG you are really really really making me want to watch these!

These would actually probably be easier for me to get in terms of DVD copies, there's a lot of Spanish stores where I live.

GRRR, the plots are so deliciously trashy. How many episodes do these run?
valkyriesailor From: valkyriesailor Date: August 9th, 2009 12:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sorry for the late answer, I was out of town, and couldn't check my LJ.
Esmeralda has 137 episodes in all.
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