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Shinya Shokudo - Midnight Diner - Ica ~ the World though my Glasses
Shinya Shokudo - Midnight Diner
Shinya Shokudo is about a restaurant open from midnight till 7 in the morning. There are local guests, and some random ones, they can order what they want, if Master can, he will make it for them. It shows some interesting eating habits, traditions and makes the restaurant just a warm place to connect with others.
The original story is a manga by Abe Yarou. I read just the first volume, graphic is not the top, but the story is charming. Using it as base Japan/Korea found it intersting enough to make a series with 10/20 episodes. The characters are not always the same, but they did keep the main figures. Not to say, the yakuza boss is being played in the Japanese version by Matsushige Yukata. ^^

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