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Inu x Boku SS vol1-12# - Ica ~ the World though my Glasses
Inu x Boku SS vol1-12#
Since the manga ended a while ago - and I had time due to Easter holiday - I read though the whole thing. After this, the anime has quite a few filler episodes, and sometimes jumps huge timelines for just one scene. For a 12 episode story it's understandable, and I don't mind. Makes the story a bit different, but that's okay.
The plot behind the whole story in the manga is a bit hurried, doesn't show it's face until quite late, and then confuses the reader with a different time-line - which I don't think fits much into the story. Still, I liked how it ended. Though still don't like the rabbit-guy, he's just too shady for my taste.
The main pairing is one of my favourites, and can just recommend it. The secondary pairing is also charming & cute... and unexpectedly there is a 3rd pairing hidden, which you wouldn't guess.
But the best part are the forms of the main 2. I love the nine-tailed fox guys looks. *.* And don't know what the girl wants to be, but also has a cool design (also girl-power rlz ^^).

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